[Etsy: Soaps and Candles]

 I finally had time to clear out the picture and documents on my previous laptop, and found some old photographs from my Etsy account, which used to sell photographs, candles and soaps.
I did this from May 2015 until September 2015, before deleting my Etsy account, as I realised it was too costly to carry on.
But anyway, I thought I’d share some of the photographs on my blog, because I really did enjoy making and distributing them!


11204444_10205104692244015_8205977591095292721_n11999020_10205104691844005_2544581590494241246_nSold as a birthday present^


12038254_10205104693364043_5376950962479625949_n12039622_10205104691283991_624509779252102611_nSold in two sets of two^

12027745_10205104692844030_3138188742094830355_n12046617_10205104693004034_399891995592950681_n12032078_10205104690843980_6160587652081981653_nSold in sets of five soaps per jar^

12046940_10205104691043985_6843861281950165183_n12047172_10205104690243965_4875531746343481637_nGiven to family and friends as birthday and general presents^


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