[February Favourites]

February has been a long, long month, but here’s a few of my favourite things I have been using to make February just go a tiny bit quicker!



‘Dante’s Inferno describes his descent into Hell midway through his life with the Roman Virgil as his guide, and is unparalleled in its depiction of the tragedy of sin. It is a work inspired by a profound confidence in human nature, yet also expresses Dante’s horror at the way individuals can destroy themselves and each other, creating Hell on Earth. A response to the violent society of thirteenth-century Italy, the Inferno reveals the eternal punishment reserved for sins such as greed, self-deception, political double-dealing and treachery. Portraying a huge diversity of characters culminating in a horrific vision of Satan, it broken new ground in the vigour of its language and its storytelling. It has had a particular influence on Modernist writers and their successors through the world.’

Price: £10.99
Place: Waterstones

Price: Came in the Little Snow Fairy Lush set for £9.95
Place: Lush

Price: 45 free prints – only pay for postage and packaging.
Place: FreePrintApp.com
Opinion: I look forward to using this app every single month. There’s nothing better for a photographer than cheap/free prints that are still good quality. My entire university room is covered head to toe in these prints, and they arrive so quickly!

Price: £4.99
Place: New Look

Price: £14.99
Place: HMV
Opinion: My brother bought me this pop vinyl after I told him El Diablo was my favourite character in Suicide Squad. Overall, I thought the film was a bit of a let down, but characters like Diablo and Deadshot totally saved it for me with their character development. At the moment, Diablo sits with the rest of my pop vinyls as the odd one out, because all my other pop vinyls are from Guardians of the Galaxy.

Price: Matte Me – £4.99
Place: Boots
Opinion: I chose this lip cream because every other brand I’ve tried is just too bright a red for me. It is a lovely, dark red, and the plus side is it stays on all day and barely comes off when eating and drinking.

Price: Vivid Matte Liquid – £6.99
Place: Boots
Opinion: Probably my current favourite lip cream I own. It doesn’t stay on as well as Matte Me, so eating and drinking can be a tad annoying, but it is just such a lovely colour.

Price: £48.64
Place: Amazon
Opinion: My boyfriend gave me this speaker last October but only now have I really started to use it. I’d been putting off setting it up for a couple of months because I thought it would take ages but I was very, very wrong. This is the simplest speaker to use – *I’m really bad at getting my head around technology* – and it sounds fabulous. I now use it daily to play music or youtube videos when I’m cooking, in the shower or working in my room.

Price: £7.99
Place: Homesense

Price: Present – Price unknown
Place: Amsterdam
Opinion: This was a present from my flatmate after he visited Amsterdam. It’s really cute and dainty and fits nicely with the rest of my keyring collection.

Price: £0.99 for 9
Place: Card Factory

Price: Two for £10
Place: Boots
Opinion: This dye is great, especially for the price. Normally, when I try to cover up my gingery hair the brown fades out really quickly, but so far, the dye has not faded at all. It is a really nice, dark colour, which looks completely natural and I’ll probably keep using this colour from now on.

Price: £19.99
Place: Argos

Price: £8.00
Place: Asda
Opinion: These lights are honestly so so so beautiful in my university room! They really complete nights in or when watching movies with my friends who come and visit. They’re about half the length of my room, so they fit nicely above my bed, and compared to my previous fairy lights the batteries last a lot longer.


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