[Future Blog Goals]

With the amount of university work, coursework, exams, and other bits and bobs mounting up, I felt it was time to re-evaluate what I am going to do with my blog.

For the last month I have been writing a blog post everyday, and it has been quite a struggle to stay on top of things, so I have started to recognise I need to prioritise better.

The idea of blogging everyday was to build content up, as well as fulfill the crazy amount of excitement I felt at making a blog and sharing my photographs and thoughts.

However, I realise that most blogs need quality over quantity, and I will admit a lot of quality is missing right now from my WordPress.

So, the idea of this post is just to state that I will be posting less – maybe three or four times a week instead of seven – as this will allow me to create posts that can be more in depth and contain better quality writing, photographs and topics.

Thank you to everyone who has so far visited my page, and read my content. – Charlotte



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