The Art of Murder by JS Strange

A murdered artist. A threatening group. A brother with a secret.

Artist Xander Draper needs help. Members of The Dirty Dolly gang are threatening him, and PI Jordan Jenner is hired to find out who the members of this elusive group are.

But when Xander is killed, his body displayed as a final exhibit, Jordan realises the extent of the trouble Xander was in. Now, there are people following Jordan. They know his name, and they want revenge.

Meanwhile, Jordan’s brother Ashley has returned, and he has a secret. As time runs out to solve the murder of the famous artist, Jordan begins to fear his brother may be responsible.

Rating: 3.5 stars

Publication Date: 30th September 2019

Genre: Crime Procedural / Mystery

The Art of Murder

My thoughts:

3.5 stars!

Published last year by Panther Publishing, The Art of Murder is the second installment in JS Strange’s intriguing Jordan Jenner series. Set in the heart of Cardiff, this book is a cosy mystery, touching on traditional mystery concepts but with up-to-date twists.

The characters are fleshed out well, especially our leading protagonist. Strange not only creates an interesting Private Investigator, but also explores LGBT themes and insight into our protagonist’s vulnerabilities and struggles throughout. (This is particularly exciting for me, as I am part of the LGBT community)

Previous reviewers have deemed this a ‘fantastic successor to the first novel’ and a ‘riveting edition’ to the series, and I fully agree. I managed to finish this book in one sitting – it was very engaging.

Overall, I really did enjoy The Art of Murder and look forward to catching up on the first book in the Jordan Jenner series. I very much recommend this author and series.

About the author

J.S. Strange is an author from Wales, United Kingdom. He writes crime, mystery and horror. His first novels, published in 2016 and 2017, were set in an apocalyptic London. Murder on the Rocks, is the first in a cozy crime mystery series, featuring a leading gay male detective. 
Murder on the Rocks was written by Strange for many reasons. One of those reasons was a lack of representation within the crime genre, particularly with detectives and sleuths. Strange created Jordan Jenner, a private investigator, who lives and works in Cardiff. Murder on the Rocks was written with the intention of shining light on Cardiff, and bringing Cardiff, and furthermore, Wales, into the crime genre. 
Strange’s previous works, such as ‘Winter Smith: London Burning’, also explored LGBT themes, and featured socialite Winter Smith escaping a zombie apocalypse. ‘London’s Burning’ became an Amazon best-seller in LGBT fiction. 
When Strange doesn’t write, he works in television. He also presents a radio show all about the paranormal. He has an enthusiasm for Britney Spears and cats. 

Strange’s website can be found here.

His Twitter can be found here.

His Facebook can be found here.

His Instagram can be found here.

If you’re interested in The Art of Murder, you can purchase it here (UK) and here (US).

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