Monthly Favourites

September 27th 2017


ccccccGood morning! I hope you’re all having a wonderful day.
Down below are some items I have selected for my September favourites, but before we get started, I’d also like to talk about something else. I want to share that after this post I will be taking a short hiatus until mid-October. This is because I’d like to take some time out to catch up on writing blog posts and work on the appearance of my blog, overall. Because I’ve been moving house multiple times this month, as well as starting my second year of university, I’ve been struggling to find time to write good quality content. And therefore I hope by taking a break for the next two to three weeks, I’ll be able to provide better content when I’m back.
Now, let’s jump into my September favourites!   [Read More]

August 31st 2017

August has been a really busy month for me, as I’m getting ready to move house twice in September. It’s going to be rather stressful, but also rather fun too!
Throughout August, I haven’t really been looking out for favourites to share on my blog, but I have purchased a couple of things that have slyly made their way onto this list by accident.
I hope you all have had a wonderful August, whether you’ve been working, relaxing, or finding out your A-Level results. I also hope you enjoy this post!  [Read More]

July 29th 2017


IMG_7817Hey guys! I hope you’ve all been well.
July has flown by so quickly, and I have so much going on right now. I’ve finally gotten a Summer job [*yes, it has taken ages*], and I’m also moving house again soon, so my life’s been a little hectic. I’m also proof-reading my second manuscript, which is a sequel to the one I posted about a couple of months ago – [Submitting My Manuscript] – so I want to apologise for not having this post put together sooner!  [Read More]

June 27th 2017


IMG_7454Hi everyone! I hope you have all had an amazing start to your Summer, whether you’re on holiday, just finished your exams, or still working. Here a couple of things I have purchased/ been given this month that I want to share with you!  [Read More]