My reviews can focus on anything and everything, from books, to movies, to places I’ve visited.

With my Books Reviews, I tend to look at Young Adult, Fantasy, or Crime novels. However, I am looking to branch out into other genres, so any suggestions are more than welcome!
I also love reviewing Vegetarian cook books, sharing some of my favourite recipes and exchanging them with others.
More so, I tend to share my manuscript updates in my Book Review section, hoping that it may interest some of my audience who love to get involved with the process of writing, editing, and presenting.


My Television and Film Reviews can feature brand-new content, recently released in theatres or on television, but also classics that I really enjoy and want to share my opinions on. I have a real soft spot for Horror, Crime, and Period dramas.


Other sections include Poetry Favourites and Monthly Favourites.
This allows me to share not only snippets of my favourite poems throughout the year, but with Monthly Favourites it gives me free reign to talk about anything I want to, including new clothes, makeup, and bits and pieces I am unlikely to review alone.



Finally, I also have a section titled Other Product Reviews, which allow me to share products that do not fit in any other category. Currently, the main focus of this section is photography services, reviewing brands such as Free Prints and ZNO. But recently, it has branched out into other topics, including a review of an Etsy store [*in collaboration with Aeyshea Jones’ Boutique of the Kitsch & Strange*], which was a delight to work on.